Haplo is now a DataCite Registered Service Provider

By Tom Renner

19 August 2020

Haplo is part of the first group of companies that became DataCite Registered Service Providers last week.

Being accepted onto this programme confirms that the open source Haplo Repository conforms to DataCite’s best practices for integration with DataCite’s APIs and management of DOIs, and that the hosted service provided by Haplo supports our community to get the most out of DataCite’s services.

This certification joins Haplo’s recent ORCID Service Provider certification — which was a “world first” for repository software — providing assurance to the research community that Haplo is furthering best practices across the sector. Just like the ORCID certification process, Haplo's existing open-source software met the certification requirements without the need for any changes, an achievement we’re really proud of.

Haplo will continue to proactively support certification programs for open infrastructure across the research landscape. These programs help build trust in the infrastructure and accuracy in the data shared between systems. They also give institutions a simple way to assess their supplier choices, and support the continual improvement of the technological ecosystem. 

We’re proud to have our product and service certified by DataCite, and to deliver systems that push the state of the art forward through open collaboration with the community.