Haplo is the first repository provider worldwide to achieve ORCID Service Provider Certification

Tom Renner

23 June 2020

On Monday this week, Haplo became the first repository provider worldwide to become an ORCID Certified Service Provider, and the open source Haplo Repository the first fully compliant repository system.

This is Haplo Repository's third "world first". Last year, Haplo Repository was the first repository to support OpenAIRE Guidelines for Literature Repository Managers v4. And in May this year, we delivered the world's first Machine Actionable Data Management Plan module in a production repository, using the RDA's common standard for maDMPs.

When ORCID launched a new Service Provider Certification Program last week, we jumped on the opportunity to partner with ORCID and other service providers internationally to encourage the adoption of ORCID's recommended best practices. These recommendations ensure that researchers have the best possible user experience when interacting with the ORCID ecosystem. By encouraging service providers to converge on this cohesive set of practices ORCID is helping to ensure researchers have a consistent experience when using ORCID technologies across the wide range of systems that use them.

Certification programs build trust through the open infrastructure enabled by ORCID’s technology, as researchers and institutions can be confident that a certified service provider is integrating with the infrastructure in a sustainable manner. Being able to have ORCID certify that a service provider follows best practice recommendations gives the community confidence that the provider is positively contributing to the collection and propagation of high-quality data throughout the open research technology landscape.

Haplo was pleased to see the certification program announced last week, as formal programmes to certify adherence to standards help better interoperability and better dissemination of research outputs. ORCID's programme helps us as software developers by offering the opportunity to have our technology reviewed by the experts at ORCID, enabling us to improve our products and provide our community with the best possible user experience. 

Haplo's existing open-source ORCID integration met the certification requirements without the need for any changes, due to our ongoing commitment to high-quality open source software, and continued engagement with community members such as ORCID.

We're proud to meet the technical and usability requirements of the sector, delivering cutting edge repository software to push the state of the art forward.

We look forward to more "world firsts" in the future.