Haplo Ethics Monitor streamlines the review of applications for ethical approval. Transparent and efficient, Ethics Monitor is an easy-to-use online solution that saves time and ensures good research governance across your institution.

Online forms

Ethics Monitor provides online forms resulting in time-savings:

- Clear, intuitive and user friendly
- Customisable forms
- Embedded guidance notes
- Easy to revise and resubmit applications
- Provides applications to approve significant amendments to research
- Stores previous versions of applications and highlights changes
- Supports applications requiring approval by external bodies

Streamlined approvals

Ethics Monitor makes it easy for institutions to assure good research governance:

- Automatic prompts to review applications
- Routes applications to the correct reviewer
- Flags conflicts of interest
- Enables reviewers to add comments to applications
- Supports ethics committees with online decisions, and creates agendas and minutes automatically
- Notifies applicants of outcomes via editable templates
- Provides visibility of the status of applications at every stage

Comprehensive reporting

Ethics Monitor provides extensive reporting on every aspect of research ethics applications:

- Real-time management information dashboards
- Automatically classifies risk levels
- Highlights high-risk applications
- Highlights overseas research
- Monitors time-to-decision
- Maintains an audit trail of actions taken for each application
- Provides oversight of processes delegated to faculty committees

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