Built from user experience and designed for data transparency, Cayuse Inventions is a cloud-based enterprise platform that facilitates an organised and effective lab-to-market operation.

Managing tech transfers: four critical areas

Our cloud-based, fully integrated system is designed to optimise and connect every aspect of the tech transfer and commercialization aspect.

  • End-to-end solution for tech transfer, from Invention disclosures to IP Management and managing your Start-Ups
  • Reporting and data-sharing capabilities
  • Built-in marketing campaign management tools
  • Visibility for all involved

Reimagining the tech transfer process

With Cayuse Inventions, the path from bright ideas to commercialization is completely revolutionised. Designed to integrate and ease the entire process, our solution helps Tech Transfer Offices collaborate and succeed, with every element in one intuitive interface.

  • Agreements and receivables management
  • CDA and MTA management
  • Online disclosure and agreement requests
  • Royalty distributions (including fees and cost recovery)
  • Patent management workflow
  • Built-in marketing platform
  • Internal and external notification system
  • Deal-flow and startup pipelines
  • In-platform invoicing
  • Robust reporting

Universal usability

Designed by Tech Transfer for Tech Transfer, Cayuse Inventions improves the visibility of every action. Visibility is shared, integrated, and displayed in real-time to all relevant departments so you can spend more time commercialising and less time administering.

  • Disclosures: submit, review, manage
  • Finance: invoice, distribution, payment
  • Marketing: campaign, marketing, reports
  • IP management: reports, patent, list

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G-Cloud 13 Framework Supplier

As a certified G-Cloud 13 framework supplier, Cayuse is committed to delivering our electronic research administration cloud software to public sector organisations via the Digital Marketplace.

For detailed instructions on finding and procuring cloud software through the Digital Marketplace, visit the CCS G-Cloud buyer’s guide.

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