Haplo Research Manager supports researchers and professional services teams at every stage of the research lifecycle – from funding proposals through to management of research outputs.

Research funding

Haplo Research Manager streamlines the management of research funding across a university.

- publicise funding opportunities
- easier collaboration on proposals
- workflow to approve proposals for submission
- analysis of income by researcher, department, research group, university
- real-time view of potential funding income
- easy integration with finance systems

Research repository

Haplo Research Manager provides an integrated repository for all research outputs.

- develop a rich searchable collection of all outputs
- store all types of outputs including data sets
- workflow support for reviewing submissions
- apply and manage embargoesautomatic checks for REF compliance

Research governance

Haplo Research Manager makes it easy to oversee good research governance and manage the review of ethical implications of proposed research.

- online submission of ethics approval applications
- automatic routing of applications to reviewers
- online committee discussions
- automatic notification of decisions

PhD Manager

Haplo PhD Manager supports the effective administration and management of your Doctoral College.

- works alongside your student record system
- online supervision logsmanage supervision capacity
- workflow support for key stage applications
- overview dashboards for easy reporting

PhD Manager is also available as a separate product.

Researcher profiles

Haplo Research Manager collates relevant information to create rich researcher profiles.

- enable researchers to maintain their own web profiles
- save time by automatically populating profile information
- feeds profile data to existing web content management systems
- dashboards to keep track of missing and out of date profiles


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