Haplo Repository is now fully integrated with Jisc's Publications Router service

By Tom Renner

30 September 2020

Haplo Repository is now fully integrated with Jisc’s Publications Router service. Haplo Repository users can now benefit from the automatic addition of research outputs to their repositories via the Router service.

Collaborative development

Haplo have worked with two pilot institutions and Jisc to develop our integration with the Publications Router service. This has resulted in a smooth and seamless user experience, that automatically ingests metadata and guides institutional users through the review process. Consultation with Jisc throughout development has ensured that Haplo is able to present the data in the clearest way possible for our users, and extensive user testing from our pilot institutions has given us confidence that the system’s interfaces are clear and effective.

Saves time

We are really excited about this development, as Router includes notifications from a broad range of source systems. Being able to harvest metadata and full text records from services such as Crossref, PubMed, and directly from journals themselves is a fantastic service for Haplo users, saving authors and repository managers considerable time performing manual processes.

Enables expert curation

Within Haplo different versions of the outputs harvested are displayed for each source system, allowing users to compare the metadata and curate which fields are presented in the repository. This “pick and choose” approach gives repository managers the ability to review the full range of metadata known about an item across the web, ensuring the institution’s records are complete and of the highest quality.

If you’d like to find out more about using Publications Router’s integration with Haplo, please get in touch.