A week at Haplo

By Tom Renner

1 November 2015

We’re looking for talented developers to join our team.

Tom Renner has been working in the team for one year. Here he shares a typical week at Haplo:

“Most of my week is spent writing code, with minimal distractions. We have a quiet office and sociable lunches, which gives me plenty of focussed time to concentrate on code.

Prioritising getting things right first time means I spend very little of my week bug fixing, which is great. We develop with lots of discussion of how to design everything really well, and frequent code reviews.

I will usually have a couple of phone calls a week with clients, and possibly a site visit to discuss things in person.

We generally release on Thursdays, so that Friday can be left clear for general improvements and reflections on how we did this week.

We enjoy precision coffee making on our cafe-quality espresso machine, and semi-competitive sandwich making on extremely good bread from our local bakery.”

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