A student placement at Haplo

By Helen Root
12 October 2014

Haplo is currently a small team of just 8 people, which means that the developers can get involved with many areas of the software development process, from discussing requirements with clients to implementing the solutions.

Working here has developed my patience and perseverance, my ability to creatively apply research to implement a solution and my ability to manage my time to juggle many projects and deadlines. The skills I’ve gained on this placement will make me well equipped for fourth year and beyond as I continue to learn and improve as a software engineer.

I particularly value the soft skills I have gained and developed over the course of this placement. Above all, the numerous ways in which we must communicate in order to carry out effective work in ‘the real world’ has been emphasised to me, and I believe I have improved by continuously reflecting and practising at work.

I am very much looking forward to going into fourth year armed with the experience gained from this placement. I intend to take more coursework based modules and having seen examples of great software design and practised emulating those examples I believe my work will benefit greatly. Beyond university, as well, my desire to go into a software engineering job has been made stronger by working with Haplo. I am especially interested in working for more small companies, since you get to participate in both technical and nontechnical aspects of a project. For this reason, getting to see the management side of Haplo has also been fascinating, and I hope I would be able to implement some of the techniques I’ve seen here in my future career.

Helen Root, Electronic and Information Engineering undergraduate at Imperial College, London

After graduating, Helen returned to lead development of one of Haplo’s core products.